Luxury Car Transport at home and abroad                    
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We provide transport at home and abroad of oldtimers, classics, supercars, race cars and special models.

Skilled and discreet. Your car will be transported with a personal service and with the high-end Brain James Trailers.
Our completely closed black luxury trailer contains no advertising, nor does the towing vehicle have any advertising.

This allows us to guarantee discreet transport throughout Europe.

If the transport takes place in Belgium, you can deliver your vehicle to us or have it picked up at the location of your choice. Afterwards, the vehicle will be delivered to the address agreed by you in Belgium.

If we have to pick up or bring a vehicle abroad, you provide us with all instructions and necessary papers. Afterwards, we deliver or collect the vehicle at the address of your choice.

We can also collect a vehicle purchased by you abroad and if desired, we can arrange this with the necessary documents so that it can be registered in Belgium.

Costs are always calculated from our location of departure in Kontich.

We use fixed prices per kilometer for our High End closed Luxury Trailer or open car transporter, for short distances within Belgium different rates apply. However, prices can be influenced by various factors.

This may be the case, for example, due to the increase in petrol costs.
Abroad, there are sometimes toll roads that can increase the price. In such situations, any toll costs are charged separately as well as the associated waiting times and, in the case of long distances, an overnight stay if necessary. We are thinking of long queues at toll stations in France or the Gothard tunnel in Switzerland.

Therefore, do not hesitate to request a quote in advance before planning a transport.

If you would like more information, please send an email to