Start of a unique Speedster project by

De Stan Townes Porsche Speedster.

The picture below was the reason to start our own Speedster project.

From this model is only 1 copy and that was made by Stan Townes (U.S.) in 1967.
The model is still "live and kicking" and in the hands of a collector in California.

Porsche had no plans to build a Speedster, fans had to wait until 1989.

Stan Townes decided to make a model by himself. He has made some drawings based on a 911 coupe. 
Years later in 1967 he find a crashed 911 coupe. He cut the roof of the crashed 911, modified front and rear of the 911 body, at the back he has a 1955 speedster cover mounted inside the car, reinforced with parts from a 911 Targa.

Why is this model so special?
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The challenge, a remake of this exceptional Porsche Speedster

The challenge is great. There are no plans or templates available for this project. The preparation is so important.
The search for a good donor car is important.

Finally we found a healthy Porsche 911 SC Targa from 1980 that would serve as a basis.

The choice of a Targa was obvious, since we planned to make a Speedster, we will use the extra reinforcements from the Targa  and we do not have a roof to remove. Additional stability will be added later.

Everything must be original, not replica pieces, fiberglass or polyester, only genuine Porsche parts.
Which is not available as the front bumper, rear bumper and part speedster will have to be made manually.
The 1 ° phase is to completely strip the car and then to evaluate the overall condition.

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