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We repair all Porsche meters, counters and clocks.
(356, 911, 912, 914, 964, 993, 924, 928, 968)

We make your counters back like new.
Cleaning the inside.
Replace glass and gears if necessary.
Refresh rings and housing.
Convert counters from miles to km.

Custom your counters.

We ship all over Europe

Revisions counters type 356

Revisions counter type 911

Repair of meters and counters
Testing and oaks of the counter after overhaul and renew parts



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Full 356 revisions counters & meters

Before and After

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Full 911 revisions counters & meters

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Custom plates

Customer requirements:

Rev to 10,000 t/m with Carrera inscription
Speedometer up to 300 km/h
Clock with Heuer entry

below the original plates

below the personalized counter plates



On customer demand, the tachometer
of his 964 modified with a sports
Everything is possible!


On customer demand, the clock
of his 964 modified with extra's
Everything is possible!




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Personalizing GT3 counters

On customer demand:

Oil temperature white plate with red letters
Speedometer white plate with red letters, Porsche letters, the 0 to 350 km/h skull (see detail)
Tachometer red plate with white letters
Temp.meter water and fuel gauge white with Porsche logo
Oil pressure plate white

original GT3 plates

custom plates


detail counter plates, look at the scull !










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Dashbord Lighting

  Standard dashbord lightning

 LED dashbord lightning

Dashboard LED up-date. Classic Porsches usually have a weak instrument panel lighting.
An LED up-grade is the way to change your dashboard. Bright lighting is the result.










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Miles to KM

Converting Miles to Kilometers.
This happened with the right km conversion.

Some Porsches have beautiful miles on the odometer.

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