Your hobby is renovating or refurbishing of a Porsche, oldtimer, motorcycle, scooter, ...
Obviously you want the parts to look like new, therefore, we can prepare these parts.
Even companies or the enthusiast can contact us for blasting.
We use no injector spray booth but a professional high pressure blast cabine.

The advantage of a high pressure cabine compared to a jet cabin is efficient and fast sandblasting.
This saves a lot of time and cut costs for you.

Glass beads for the treatment of metal surfaces can be used for:

- Stainless
- Special alloys
- Aluminium
- Automotive
- Rubber

If desired we can protect the metal parts with a protective primer.
We can also galvanize metal components.

The maximum dimensions of the pieces that can be blasted are W 1300 x D 1000 x H 900.

Based on pictures and description please contact us for more information.

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